Photoshoot with yoga instructor/friend

So Natalie and I have been trying to do a shoot for a while but seeing as she is a yoga and fitness instructor and also sponsored by Reebok NL, well it’s hard to get her to stay in one place long enough to do a shoot. But we finally did it. Natalie is my friend Andres girlfriend who’s also my trainer and movie date when there’s a badass guy movie with explosions and superhero’s involved. So we setup the lights, ask why it’s freezing inside gym and find out heater is out, pick out wardrobe with my wife and start shooting. How she gets herself in all those poses is beyond me and my knees were hurting just positing myself to get a lower angle and here she is putting her ankle by her neck with one hand one the floor and looked like a Picasso painting. But that’s what she does daily and I’ll stick with photography. Kidding aside here are a few of the photos from the fun shoot with Natalie.